Is online casino cheating?

Most people who are new to the online casino gambling landscape often think that online casino games are rigged. This thought arises particularly if they are unfortunate and lose their first deposited funds to the online casino. Of course, no one wants to invest without a having a good return on investment, so it is normal when players who are constantly losing question the trustworthiness of an online casino games. In this article, we will explore a few myths that surround online casino and shed light on why online casino is not cheating. Ready to learn? If so, continue reading to find out those few myths that surround online casino gambling, and why online casino is not cheating.

The Online Casinos have House

By nature, online casino games are already rigged, so online casino doesn't need to do extra thing to rig or cheat any of the games that they offer. The rigged nature of online casino games is called house edge or house advantage. The house edge is simply the reason online casino games don't have to cheat their players in order to make money. In fact, the house edge is the reason they're still in business. All the casino games from slot to blackjack have house edge, which simply means that overall the online casinos will certainly win. For table games like roulette and blackjack, their rules give enough edge to the online casino in the long run. Mathematically, the online casinos will always in the long run when players play those games.

The Video Slots Game and the Payouts

The video slots are a bit different from table games, they employ payout percentage. Payout percentage simply means that all video slot machines have already predetermined payout over a specific period of time. For instance, a video slot with a payout percentage of 96 percent for a period of one year will payout 96 percent of people bet and the casino will keep the remaining four percent. The four percent that the casino keeps may not seem like a lot, but in reality, it is, and that is how the casino makes its profit. What stops the online casinos from manipulating these payouts so they can increase the percentage that they keep? We will talk about that in a short while.

Online Casinos don't Develop the Games

Just like the bricks and mortar casinos don't create their own slot machine, the virtual casinos don't also develop their own games. There are many online casino game developers, some of which include Real Time Gaming and Microgaming. The online casinos use software developed by these gambling software developers to offer several games to their casino players. The online casinos employ either profit-sharing model or a subscription model. One key thing to keep in mind is that irrespective of the payment model employed by the casino, the games don't belong to them. And they don't also control the casino games. Since the casinos don't own the games, they don't have access to touch the games backend. They just offer it to their players the way the software developer created it.

The Online Casinos are Audited by Regulatory Authourities

The online gambling business is largely built on reputation and trust. However, this doesn't imply that the online casinos are not audited. The online casinos get audited, and there are basically two types of audits. The first type of audit is the ones carried out by the casino's licensing body. And the second type of audit is the voluntary audit conducted by a third-party independent body like the well-respected PricewaterhouseCoopers. The online casinos are always very proud of those audits, and will often display it on their sites so players can see them. With all this said, that does not imply that you can play in just any online. There are a lot of fraudulent online casinos that find a means to cheat their customers.